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Tweets About Khumba

jayme_k_keally @ItalianStarKid would you mind sending me a link to Khumba so I can watch it later when I get home from work? Please and thank you

406 days ago.

jessoffreshmen So Khumba isn't officially out here til April. Whoops. Will def have to pay my dues & go see it properly!

406 days ago.

razzledazzleya @JoeyRichter getting ready to watch #Khumba with @DMazick :)

407 days ago.

BiebersBrother @JakeTAustin I watched Khumba. KHUMBAAAA IS SO COOL :D

408 days ago.

jessoffreshmen Overall I'd say Khumba was on a par with The Lion King.

408 days ago.

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