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Tweets About Saving Mr. Banks

bratpack Today we watched About Time and Saving Mr Banks. Both so, so good.

456 days ago.

hell_odie And I saw "Saving Mr Banks" and it was beautiful

456 days ago.

Jpars15 On a best picture bender this week! Saw Saving Mr Banks Thurs, tonight Captain Phillips, and tomorrow American Hustle! Love me some JLaw!

456 days ago.

LaurenFischer00 me and lauren saw saving mr. banks yesterday and i cried about it this morning

456 days ago.

CatGrant2009 Watched Saving Mr. Banks last night. How did Emma Thompson NOT get an Oscar nomination? She was BRILLIANT!

456 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast Interview Exclusive Cast Interview Fandango sits down with the fabulous cast of 'Saving Mr. Banks.'