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96% positive
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MikaylaSonny Craigslist Joe is one of the coolest things i've ever watched, if you have Netflix you should definitely check it out! #CraigslistJoe

456 days ago.

NickiGrimaj i watched craigslist joe this morning and it was v good pls watch it if u have nothing else to do for 1.5 hrs u wont regret it man

457 days ago.

HomeboyDoug “@SmileSarahBrown: Anybody watched a good movie on Netflix that you would suggest to watch?” Undefeated and craigslist joe

459 days ago.

Lovely_Briee Call me gay, but Craigslist Joe was amazing.

459 days ago.

Justyn_Cruz Just watched Craigslist Joe, pretty cool documentary.

459 days ago.

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