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JulieFalatko @rosemondcates @NoVaLibraryMom Beauty Is Embarrassing, Heathers, Safety Not Guaranteed, Arrested Development. +lots more I haven't watched!

428 days ago.

sscoffee Just watched "Beauty is Embarrassing." Gorgeous little film. Made my heart warm. @seewaynewhite, I can relate to being a fellow TN expat.

430 days ago.

gregserebuoh @seewaynewhite just saw Beauty Is Embarrassing. I've been working through some fears as an artist, and you really inspired me. Thank you!!!

430 days ago.

ohhmygeeg #BeautyIsEmbarrassing. That was pretty fantastic.

432 days ago.

ironicsans @waxpancake I'm finally watching Beauty Is Embarrassing. Just saw you in the crowd. (You probably get a variation on this tweet often)

432 days ago.

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