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Tweets About Transformers: Age of Extinction

twila dang My reward for #Maleficent tolerance was supposed to be #TransformersAgeOfExtinction. Except the husband got OG Transformers instead. #OhMy

1 days ago.

ELiCiA PAiGE Just watched #TransformersAgeOfExtinction

1 days ago.

Zehra Mızıkacı ☆ #TransformersAgeOfExtinction There's only one thing to be said film; fabulous! I was worth the wait. M. BAY know in this business.

1 days ago.

Chris Ventrice Page O my days @transformers #AgeofExtinction was Epic number 5 on the way surely :D

1 days ago.

Daniel Phosphene #NowWatching #TransformersAgeOfExtinction even tho I heard it was bad >_>

2 days ago.

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