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Tweets About Transformers: Age of Extinction

Rob Pagenkopf Lastly, the worst sequel this summer was #ThinkLikeaManToo. Congratulations #TransformersAgeofExtinction, there was a sequel worse than you.

12 hours ago.

Ms.K I loved the action and the Transformers were amazing. But I did not care for the storyline. #TransformersAgeOfExtinction

19 hours ago.

Alejandra Quinteros Just saw Transformers Age of Extinction, and it was amazing!! I Loved it (: #transformersageofextinction

21 hours ago.

i ❤ wanda we already saw #transformersageofextinction at the theater and now we're about to watch it again!!! a little #dvdAction

2 days ago.

Call me Tek There was a Twilight Sparkle cameo in #TransformersAgeOfExtinction. Surprisingly, the Hasbro connection JUST hit me.

3 days ago.

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