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Tweets About For Greater Glory

AbonceJenny Oh my god.. I think For Greater Glory is one of the saddest movies I've watched .

338 days ago.

collinlaprairie for greater glory was an emotional roller coaster today

339 days ago.

lrockwell12 It was a good day for workouts. Can't wait for entry notifications from them all. #CalledToServe #OogeleyEye #ForGreaterGlory

344 days ago.

LizzSweatshirt we watched for greater glory and i had to go to the restroom because i couldn't stop sobbing.

345 days ago.

Surmar1 @GirlsGuide2Guns Last movie I went 2C was For Greater Glory; about the Christiada down N Mexico, & 1reason that Mex has such strict Gun Laws

345 days ago.

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