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Tweets About Darling Companion

Anna_and_P @boxleitnerbruce Darling companion on italian tv now. You was at the premiere! I think Diane Keaton is a good actress and very classy woman.

450 days ago.

vozos @imattmypants Darling companion was originally a Harvey vehicle

460 days ago.

Kerry_Davidson Lawrence Kasdan/Kevin Kline double bill today. Last year's Darling Companion (for dog lovers & no one else) then re-watched The Big Chill.

465 days ago.

julesscheil @GabyBarrios22 @m_darley11 darling companion. It was about this dog that ran away and how their lives changed trying to find it

466 days ago.

DinaShelby #PRT - off the film Darling Companion. Loved it!

478 days ago.

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