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95% positive
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HipsterSRKFan @LovingJigi The same was with previous SRK films. JTHJ had clash, Don 2 had non-holiday and Ra.One had negativity!

455 days ago.

ZeeshanZeef @Dabanggshahbaz @kamaalrkhan and Dbbngg 2 1st day was 19cr not 24cr LOL...with 3550 screens :P and DON 2 1st day was 16cr with only 2800scr

455 days ago.

ZeeshanZeef @Dabanggshahbaz @kamaalrkhan DON 2..1st day was 16cr on 2800 screens :D

455 days ago.

NakulMovieBuff #Don2 non-holiday friday was 15cr+ ....with no mass appeal, no hit songs, no promotion , 2900 screens . #StarPower

455 days ago.

anjanaaaaaa @spiderbambi im pretty sure znmd mbkd and don 2 were the only movies i watched that year along w/ ra one and patiala house

455 days ago.

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