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Tweets About R.I.P.D.

haggis_head @kevinbacon I just watched R.I.P.D. Well done man. What a great movie!

462 days ago.

PBanJellylove Last night me an Darrin watched R.I.P.D an I just watched Elysium an they was very good movies I recommend everyone to watch them>>

462 days ago.

shelamii Watched R.I.P.D. with @Mynameisreinier awhile ago. Movie marathon to celebrate our day. :))

463 days ago.

DragonzFitness Went to dinner, came home & watched R.I.P.D. (Ryan Reynolds is one FINE man - I'd do him!), played darts, now we're watching Pacific Rim. =)

463 days ago.

lindsey_nik R.I.P.D is the stupidest movie I've ever watched in my life.

463 days ago.

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