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Tweets About August: Osage County

nicolebrander_ They showed the 12 Years a Slave and August: Osage County trailers on tv yesterday and my sister was like "IS BENEDICT IN EVERYTHING?"

492 days ago.

letsplaylions If August: Osage County was released yesterday then WHY ISN'T IT IN ANY THEATRES

492 days ago.

THEToughCookie @jimbyrne50 Since you're my personal Roger Ebert, did I see that you saw August:Osage County & gave it thumbs down?

492 days ago.

jstheater Oh my, I never saw or read *August: Osage County,* but plz tell me it DOES NOT HAVE a patient, mostly quiet #Native servant/friend in it.

492 days ago.

Eegah For a second I thought August: Osage County was directed by David E. Kelley, not John Wells. Either way, they should add a giant crocodile.

492 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Fandango sits down with the cast and crew of 'August: Osage County.'