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Tweets About Transformers: Age of Extinction

G.Don The people I missed most from transformers ageofextinction was @joshduhamel &@Tyrese they made the original 3 #GreatLaughs #GreatCharacters

18 hours ago.

Shonda Finally watched #Transformers4 ...long movie. Started last night, finishing this am. I like! #Transformers #AgeofExtinction

3 days ago.

John Primo. FYI: That last one was a movie reference and not a death threat, I'll clear that up now cos some assholes are dense. #AgeOfExtinction

4 days ago.

Planet Nestor Most knew #Nimoy as Spock, but he resonated with me as Galvatron in the 86 animated TransformersMovie. His voice was so bad-ass. #RIP

4 days ago.

Adi the Adipose So basically the first #TransformersMovie was a giant Michael Bay ego stroke? #InnerSpace

5 days ago.

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