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ChrisShef “@tara1010: @ChrisShef I just watched "General Education" . It was a cute movie. You were great!” Hey thanks so much! Glad u enjoyed it.

426 days ago.

tara1010 @ChrisShef I just watched "General Education" the other night. It was a cute movie. You were great!

426 days ago.

tarted_up @ziusik ahaha oh nick. thank you! (wasn't that the movie n made h watch as part of his general education, and h was super bored?)

455 days ago.

Heyyy_Daddio You could even set up social groups with the general education students and play games and watch a movie for social interaction #5014

497 days ago.

BryanSkates_ I want the movie to come out already it's gonna be interesting, I mean "General Education" was good!

515 days ago.

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