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85% positive
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85% positive
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IAmHaiderAfridi @king_sadashiva @IamRizKhan8970 previous non holiday was 15 crore ROWDY RATHORE. difference was 5 crore. get ur facts right

450 days ago.

Salman_ismine #Gabbar will bring Toofan lyk #RowdyRathore it was also produced by #SLB #10AwesomeYearsOfKhaaki @bosskrutarth @khiladikumar21

451 days ago.

filmigirl @ginzarhapsody I'm only like 10 minutes in but I'm getting strong Rowdy Rathore vibes, which is fine with me b/c I LOVED Rowdy Rathore. ;)

451 days ago.

EL_Maimx Rowdy Rathore !"@Questionnier: The last interesting movie you watched? #QnA"

451 days ago.

Aishwarya_Tej Sonakshi was upset with Zahid Khan when he started giving her Bebo's Leftovers like Rowdy Rathore & Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobara lol

452 days ago.

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