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farenheit211 @RupertScott21 @xIronMaidNx There are a worrying number of Bearded Savages getting non-custodials for sex offences. He was in a position of

455 days ago.

ginatrunz Watching savages wishing it was my life

455 days ago.

TomFromTvvitter this old white man just farted in public and it was a long wet one too smh and they called black people savages

455 days ago.

PrincessMattie1 @melc_1911 Unbelievable!I've come to conclusion many people are pigs.Saw so many people- adults-eating like savages in restaurants this wk

456 days ago.

Twala_ ah damn Savages was playing

456 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and John Travolta on training for their characters, Blake Lively on looking beat up, Benicio Del Toro on playing the bad guy and Oliver Stone on the message of the film.