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Tweets About How to Train Your Dragon 2

Jonna Koskinen Finally watched #HTTYD2 and I love it ♥ That is proof for that Dreamworks might someday be as good as Disney. But just not yet.

2 hours ago.

Lia Others movies watched: Pitch Perfect (cute!), The Heat (actually quite good!) and HTTYD2 (cute but not as good as the first)

6 hours ago.

Kiddo Planning to go for movies tonight at IOI..anyone wanna go with me? XD been so long since i watch a movie.. my last was HTTYD2 lol

8 hours ago.

Scare a Goetter Even with all the grossness though, I still liked this movie more than How To Train Your Dragon 2. HttyD2 was boring and frustrating.

14 hours ago.

Lordés Why am I always crying?! Even though it was late watching #HowToTrainYourDragon2, I cried when Hiccup tried to get Toothless back.

14 hours ago.