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harsh_ly @JamesFrancoTV i just became big fan of you when i saw your 127 Hours movie .it was awesome

412 days ago.

kiva_kivelf Saw 127 Hours last night -- tbh I expected more and was a bit let down :? ah well...

412 days ago.

tbow2 Just watched 127 Hours... Mainy.

412 days ago.

NidhiVShah Jus saw #127Hours Movie ,basd on a #TrueStory ,it #Inspired me quite a bit ,it says Nvr Loose #Hope , & Nvr Give Up ,Com May Wat in ur #Life

412 days ago.

littlehottmess So we watched a movie about some girl getting buried alive & now we're watching 127 hours. Clearly I'm asking to have nightmares tonight.

412 days ago.

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