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53% positive
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nikkityche my mom said a long time ago, she saw the apparition of a little girl run into my room

464 days ago.

253Storaasli @ghosthunters the #cat starts to follow the #apparition on the battlefield up until it disappears. The cat surely sensed or saw it. #WOW!

465 days ago.

CintronKim @ghosthunters @CrazyChrystal_ @Jchawes @SteveGonsalves1 @amybruni @AdamJBerry Loved the apparition that disappeared into the wood line!!

465 days ago.

illstr8r @Jchawes I don't get chills often, but that evidence of the apparition in the basement was awesome. #GhostHunters

465 days ago.

JFlohr70 @Jchawes @SteveGonsalves1 Wife and I just watched your new episode. Love the apparition. Great Job

465 days ago.