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72% positive
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NkosNatty Mongwe Me going to watch @AHauntedHouse2 the first one was really funny lemme see what @MarlonWayans got up to this time. ☺

292 days ago.

Christian Cazares Watched A million ways to die in the west & Haunted house 2..both are hilarious >> #ThumbsUp

292 days ago.

Nuke ♊️ @MarlonWayans was f**king the s**t out of dat doll on "A Haunted House 2"

292 days ago.

jas My Cousin: I would say let's watch Haunted House 2 but you seen that Me: I was hiiiiiiiii, I mean I fell asleep on it. Him:

292 days ago.

Sebastian Pirin I just watched haunted house 2 really good movie

292 days ago.

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2014: An Early Look for Horror Movie Fans 2014: An Early Look for Horror Movie Fans Have an early look at the most promising horror films of 2014 thus far. Marlon Wayans Answers Fan Questions Marlon Wayans answers fan questions related to the trailer of his new film, 'A Haunted House 2.'