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Tweets About American Hustle

WOLFE How american hustle started was weird

154 days ago.

Olivia Just watched American Hustle, so good, How amazing is Jennifer Lawrence though?

154 days ago.

SERAPHIM™ watched American Hustle, not quite what I was expecting but I enjoyed it. Bradley Cooper was brilliant as was Bale.

154 days ago.

terribel ♪ ɞ●Ф⌣Ф●ʚ we watched american hustle and wow i loved all the characters??? its a very Talky movie but i really enjoyed it

154 days ago.

Neal Enrick Watched "American Hustle" at breakfast time. Great morality play in the Jimmy Carter era.

154 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Fandango sits down with the cast and crew of 'American Hustle.'