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Peace_Janise @ImEquidistant Yes she was great too. I don't get why the critics trashed this movie... It was all around a well done production.

450 days ago.

GalindoDG Quentin Tarantino trashed the movie he was working on :\

451 days ago.

PRINCEJIMMY12 The truth is out there but no one wants to talk about it:A great movie was trashed because #WhiteGuilt & #Politics strikes again: #TheButler

451 days ago.

mralec1010 Watched SuperBad today.. Such a good movie about friendship.. Well and getting trashed

459 days ago.

ShameOnLosers @iHrithik We All Loved You Like Anything From d Last 14 Years But You Trashed Everything Just For 1 Movie #krrash3.

460 days ago.

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