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Tweets About X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hamza Mussé Was skeptical but @XMenMovies Days of Future Past blew me away. I had a unique experience in the end scenes too lol

1 days ago.

Superior Kevin All that said, I liked First Class & DOFP but I want 2 love them like I do most Marvel Studios movies. Considering I love the Xmen immensely

1 days ago.

Jeff @Faerie_Dragon The Mage quest is amazing, but I felt the Templar side was great too...but its not quite DA: Days of Future Past. :)

1 days ago.

Sara Douglas Watched Days of Future Past again. So in love with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender #XMenDOFP #dreamduo #marryme

1 days ago.

Geodude “@Scott2kool: X-men days of future past was okay...those sentinels were ass” I would have rather seen an all out war against them

1 days ago.

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