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77% positive
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AlejoEC Saw "All Is Lost," a Robert Redford acting highlight, a sophomore 4-star-peat for writer/director J.C. Chandor. The boat sinks. All 4 stars.

426 days ago.

Jasonfinn Totes saw the potus motorcade on the way back from All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford.

426 days ago.

BethC9 Just saw "All is Lost" last evening...don't ever invite me to go sailing.

426 days ago.

ThereseFowler @GrimmReport We saw All is Lost. It's quite the existential journey. Wonderfully done.

426 days ago.

SparkyBones @AverageCharles I still need to see Gravity...but I saw all is lost, it was actually good

426 days ago.

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