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Tweets About The Ambassador

arkrzrbck @SharpTusk got it - will call tomorrow. When that movie was filmed the US Ambassador to Argentina was from Arkansas! :)

235 days ago.

miss_nelo Genevieve nw an etisalat ambassador. Interesting! Apart from HOAYS, When was d last time she was in a movie?

236 days ago.

oluwaCODEDseun Kunle Afolayan was dropped by Glo for featuring double ambassador (Etisalat's now MTN's Saka) in his hit movie, Phone Swap. #Fallinghand

239 days ago.

VivianBove “@MrJoshCharles: I really hope Dennis Rodman watched this @frontlinepbs documentary on North Korea tonight.” Don't 4get he's an ambassador!!

243 days ago.

Ljc_Oh "I didn't realise the ambassador of Spain was a midget!" Madeleine is actually a great movie. Been years since I watched it.

244 days ago.

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