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Tweets About Mansome

gjoeybibs @TheMrKnox currently half way through it... I just watched Mansome (best documentary I've watched but to each their own)

429 days ago.

volaware OMG I just watched Mansome and now I'm stuck on a Whisker Wars marathon

430 days ago.

cooIiopoolio we watched missdirection and mansome

431 days ago.

GeekyJules "Mansome" was... I'm without proper words. Interesting? Fascinating? Bizarre? Weird? WTF? All of these and more?

432 days ago.

neildeano31 Watching #mansome on @NetflixUK didn't know what to expect but the LAST thing I was expecting to see was @ColtCabana shave a mans back!

434 days ago.

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