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Tweets About Paul Williams Still Alive

JosephDickerson Watched first movie of 2014: Paul Williams Still Alive, a documentary of the great singer/songwriter. Recommended.

394 days ago.

MatthewCoratti saw "Paul Williams: Still Alive" -- Interesting documentary. Learned a lot about this guy.

400 days ago.

MarilynM saw a tweet about Paul Williams and thought: he's alive? and performing? went to his site and saw there's a doc: Paul Williams Still Alive.

446 days ago.

megadox @IMPaulWilliams So loved 'Paul Williams, Still Alive'! Wished it was longer!

470 days ago.

graedrake @LarryFlick @IMPaulWilliams Paul Williams Still Alive was one of my favorite documentaries of last year. Can't wait to listen!!

486 days ago.

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