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Tweets About Peace, Love & Misunderstanding

jgalt0656 @ladygaga I was watching a film "Peace, Love And Misunderstanding" & Jane Fonda's character reminds me of you

173 days ago.

Horans_Island @EleanorBased I know he did! He was in Peace, Love and misunderstanding, Admission, and is gonna be in The fault in our stars apparently

174 days ago.

ChrissyHam1123 "Peace, Love, And Misunderstanding Was So Cute But Kinda Lame. It Was Okay I Guess

184 days ago.

paulanicole13 @natandalex yesterday I watched Admission. Tonight flipping through channels I found Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding. Enjoying it so far.

185 days ago.

jejacksooo I completely and utterly blame Peace, Love and Misunderstanding for this. I should have never watched that movie now I'm head over heels

194 days ago.

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