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91% positive
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JMLIS @T1theinfamous @1chicklette dads family was a tribe of headhunters. the best warrior tribe on all of Borneo. One bad move, lose your head.

448 days ago.

tel_2010_ Netflix - Because you watched Jo Nesbo's Headhunters here's 20 random films that have absolutely nothing to do with Jo Nesbo's Headhunters..

448 days ago.

JohnJohnstoneV Finally got around to watching HeadHunters and was not disappointed.

449 days ago.

rondmcc @sophwolfhunter @AbbyHoward Headhunters were weak-sauce. It was the flesh walls you had to watch out for.

449 days ago.

Digby11 Loved Max Manus and Headhunters @AkselHennie is a very underrated actor

449 days ago.

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