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MovieQueen2012 @blackwingjenny Then it was promoted with Their First Misunderstanding (IMP, 1911) which was just discovered.

359 days ago.

TacticalBromo @Kevlar_Cowboy I need to get a Glock but when they got popular I was still clinging to my 1911. Lol I didn't want to go with the trend.

359 days ago.

Chevrolet_1911 @bobpockrass will @CocaColaRacing be part of @StewartHaasRcng on any team? I remember bud coming to @RCRracing and coke was gone completely

359 days ago.

JdotShanel @Smitty_1911 lol oh yes I feel you. I was on the fence but I figured I should pass...

359 days ago.

GQue2_1911 the documentary banished was pretty darn good.

359 days ago.

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