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TheRehak No. 18 - The Good Doctor. A slow burn that ended just as it was getting interesting. Solid performance from Orlando Bloom. #AFLO2014 #FTS365

238 days ago.

lizzwinslow If you wanna see a quality movie watch the good doctor

241 days ago.

ninjakitty009 Ooooooh Orlando Bloom. Just watched him in The Good Doctor! #GoldenGlobes

247 days ago.

poisonivy2425 With "The Good Doctor" I have now seen 16 Orlando Bloom movies! Just saw there are a few I'd never even heard of I have to get on!

247 days ago.

Benjami49451124 "The Good Doctor", Orlando Bloom, it test so fresh when watching despite having watched it so many times

248 days ago.

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