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97% positive
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97% positive
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DallasCPA Saw #knightsofbadassdom last night at @AlamoDFW - good stuff!

397 days ago.

PghBrowncoats Peter Dinklage was excellent, and #SummerGlau had some moments that made the movie instantly DVD worthy! #KnightsOfBadassdom

397 days ago.

seattlebasil Saw #KnightsOfBadassdom! @brettgipson @SeanCookster @KimStodel @jimmisimpson @MichaelGladis @dannypudi @TheJoeLynch @D00OOO00M HUZZAH!

397 days ago.

509freckles "Knights of Badassdom" got all "Banshee!! there at the end, and it was worth it.

397 days ago.

DBTGpodcast Knights of Badassdom was a lot of fun. Nerds like to point themselves out when they die on screen. #MarkAndMikeGoToTheMovies

397 days ago.

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