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97% positive
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missdannika @cedarrussell was referring to the ailment, but yes. Im currently watching Eternal Sunshine and will probs follow up w/ Melancholia #sadsack

447 days ago.

MarilynPoppins @JamieHayward17 Lmfao omg!!!! But it was better than melancholia right? Lol

447 days ago.

kumiNaTatu The release date for Melancholia the movie was 11.11.11

447 days ago.

violetsarebluue @jessicaIanges and i saw Melancholia yesterday, and now i'm watching Antichrist. beautifully disturbing!

447 days ago.

kumiNaTatu Watching this movie Melancholia about a planet that is about to hit earth & was hiding behind the Sun

447 days ago.

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