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BRI_liever Dancing with dylan and keith>>> we were like the three musketeers! Time that was a slow song

524 days ago.

LeszczarA Didnt think it was possible to miss my girls this much @LysamariegLysa @EmmaOsborn Need you back in my life #besthosties #threemusketeers ♥

524 days ago.

silasisthename @nleffy04 lol I was just thinking we should have a name for our crew. Three musketeers??

524 days ago.

SyedAoune @Nidakhalidrl oh nida. It was in reference to three procrastinators (three musketeers movie) movie. Ring a bell? :P

524 days ago.

AloeWeezio @rebeccademonray was still 20 my goal in life would be to marry her #RiskyBusiness #ThreeMusketeers #AndManyMore

524 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews - Part 1 Orklando Bloom talks about his rock star look while Milla Jovovich talks about filming stunts and fighting sequences while wearing a corset. The pair also divulge their favorite Musketeer! Exclusive Cast Interviews - Part 2 Luke Evans, Ray Stevenson and Matthew MacFayden talk about their characters and performing real stunts with real swords. And could Logan Lerman an dGabrielle Wilde be the new Hollywood power couple?