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Tweets About Cutie and the Boxer

Tyrufus_McCoy Watched Cutie and The Boxer a slight film that's more about the relationship between two artists rather than their impact on the art world.

404 days ago.

AngeEmerson @rachel_is_here I'm really excited!! Saw 20 Feet in theatres, watched Cutie and The Boxer this a.m. - my full Oscar watch is going well!

404 days ago.

xhossx has anyone watched Cutie and the Boxer? i wanna talk about how good it was with someone.

405 days ago.

sammpeterson Watched Cutie and the Boxer last night. First doc down on the oscar nominee list

406 days ago.

thenothingsong Cutie and the Boxer was one of the most endearing documentaries I've ever watched. Definitely recommended.

407 days ago.

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