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Tweets About In Fear

kaitlyn i went to see that oculus movie it was just ok but zach moaned in fear every time there was a jump scare which made it great

321 days ago.

Sonic_LyfeStyle @lyss_45 Well it was pretty good....I watched it on MY movie night! Lol I also watched 'Playdate' and 'In Fear'. :)

321 days ago.

Clarissa Devil's due was the worst yet best horror movie I've watched. Almost cried in fear

322 days ago.

l'amour est mort the thing i'm reading is really angsty atm so should i not read it and watch a movie in fear of heart ache or read it now to get it over w/?

322 days ago.

▫️NOAH▫️ I wasn't even "in fear" for any of the movie and that was the movie title.

324 days ago.

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