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72% positive
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anecdoted @mvbones1980 ha i told keith about you after he was like "what is a loud rock band?" it was between soldiers of fortune and liquor store

303 days ago.

avery_q_steimel Why have I never watched soldiers of fortune before?! @DomsWildThings makes the entire movie!

303 days ago.

dragonembers Tim Abell who was in Soldiers of Fortune with Mark S has liked Sheppard's Flock lol must be a fan himself @rustystarr

304 days ago.

adisol12 @allyneil1 dont watch Soldiers Of Fortune , its so bad , but now got to watch it till the end

305 days ago.

adamsyafiq1509 Soldiers of fortune was amazing...hope deep purple would create another great song like dat :/

312 days ago.

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