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Tweets About Paranoia

ArieltheHarpy one time I was at my friends house ad we watched a 1000 ways to die and after that I didn't sleep for 3 days straight out of paranoia

457 days ago.

SarahTsang21 @Sara4284 and i had a massive paranoia that my tattoo was messed up and flaking off hah. Lloyd had to take that paranoia away!

457 days ago.

lvdjgarcia @Karoli @bobcesca_go @Green_Footballs ron paul was a joke for years, but now his brand of anti-govt paranoia dominates repub rhetoric

457 days ago.

SaucyTerr Sorry guys, my paranoia over poor winter road conditions got the best of me. Was so looking forward to it. @elgastronomo #imawuss

457 days ago.

redgypsee Well the bag was empty, thankfully. You never know with certain neighbours of mine. #paranoia in #yyc

457 days ago.

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