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Tweets About Keep the Lights On

JackiePayneXO @jordansebert13 I haven't watched a scary movie in months and I still have to run into my bed and keep lights on im so paranoid dear lord

457 days ago.

leighanne_smith Full force may I add as I thought it was open. Note to self 'keep lights on'

473 days ago.

meekaan1 @KristenLuehrs @CBS6 Kristen, some folks REFUSE to keep lights on on their vehicles when it rains, watched it most of yesterday

476 days ago.

RyMugiPan Today I saw #BadBoyStreet, #Weekend, and #Jeffrey, and now I'm watching #KeepTheLightsOn. #Netflix #Marathon #LGBT

478 days ago.

R_Rechail Was missing meals to keep lights on. Kids had insurance. Not me. Had no car.

485 days ago.

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