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92% positive
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Mr_PahLucas Before KILLER JOE, there was THE LINCOLN LAWYER. Seriously that's a great McConaughey performance.

367 days ago.

Derrickp_ @scottEweinberg watched Killer Joe last night so Matthew McConaughey

367 days ago.

uppityfag @njudah @michesf @TrueDetective If you haven't seen Killer Joe - see it!!

367 days ago.

RobbinAustin Hey @McConaughey We just saw Killer Joe. Loved it! Great performance but that ending....

367 days ago.

motorjed #KillerJoe Friedkin's version is raw, dirty, incredibly bleak, brutal, & darkly comic. I need to see the play. And to shower #JedsMiniReview

367 days ago.