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BigOnAnime @KevinFaultner @rootsofjustice Turbo=Lost money The Croods and HTTYD2 are the only hits as of late. Penguins was in danger of losing money..

13 hours ago.

Rick Aguilar HTTYD2 was way more cutesy than the first one. Liked it!

13 hours ago.

HappyBlondeGrl @ChrisHoward007 I just watched HTTYD2 again on sunday. Totally agree with your comment. But I still like the 1st one best! And Megamind!! :)

13 hours ago.

KORRASAMI IS REAL >,> I haven't watched httyd and httyd2 yet...

17 hours ago.

Juliette Elton @AmandaTheHoser (one of them u3u) but man same exact thing has happened to me people got to watch HTTYD2 while I was taking tests ;^;

18 hours ago.