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rutsteve @WellsAdams Sarah Michelle Gellar was my crush. Slaying vampires, enough said. How far have we fallen #Twilight

462 days ago.

Red_Enough_Said The @Broncos and @Patriots game last night was intense in OT... #TomBrady was snapping

462 days ago.

Purp_ENOUGHsaid I had to slide in her inbox early

462 days ago.

hayley_sass ENOUGH SAID was one of the most exquisitely funny and honest films I've seen in quite a long while. Highly recommended.

462 days ago.

NoMindLikeMine @ThePullOutGod @Nas hasn't won a Grammy. 2 Stainz was up for rap album of the year. MBDTF never got nominated its year. Enough said.

462 days ago.

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