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jasonsaxonsmith @alissamarie btw: my wife & I watched Short Term 12 last night. What an honest & hopeful movie. Thank you for spreading the word. @ct_movies

329 days ago.

RomytheIndian So today I watched two beautiful movies: Her and Short Term 12. What a productive day. Time to watch another one!

329 days ago.

GrilledBonito Movie marathon. Loved all of the films I saw: -Enough Said -Short Term 12 -Blue Jasmine

329 days ago.

pipsqueakfilms Short Term 12: Authentic, warm drama set in a kids' group home w/ sterling performances up and down. One of the year's best. #moviereview

329 days ago.

ElPrezMannnwell Short term 12 was a great movie. Glad i watched it.

330 days ago.