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Tweets About Sunlight Jr.

kodesmom Just got my Reedus fix...watched Sunlight Jr! :)

414 days ago.

babyjaetn @renea228 @MevePtite Have you watched Sunlight Jr?

414 days ago.

Tiffersnie Watched #SunlightJr last night, and let me just say WOW!! Matt Dillon was brilliant, but @wwwbigbaldhead was phenomenal (& funny) as Justin!

418 days ago.

SOBERIFFIC @wwwbigbaldhead just watched Sunlight Jr. Dude, you have DB roles down! should people be scared? :) kidding.. Hope you have a kickass Bday!

420 days ago.

trainwater @tabbity well that's ok...I like looking at him too! I just watched Sunlight Jr tonight...

422 days ago.

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