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Tweets About I Give It a Year

La__Mashmellow 'I Give It A Year' has got to be the BEST romantic comedy movie I've eva watched :'''''D. I can't get enough

428 days ago.

beccytweets Just watched 'I give it a year' and reallllly liked it! Well worth £5 in tesco!

430 days ago.

EmilyF83 Watched 'I give it a year', thats 2hrs of my life I'll never get bk! Worst film Ive seen in a long time! It's only plus was Simon Baker hehe

431 days ago.

Amandinazing Watched I Give It A Year yesterday evening, need to catch up with Downton series 4 tonight ! I still haven't watched it.

432 days ago.

kidthesid @kelli_wilson7 I give it a year

432 days ago.