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BodyStoda @KarenDcosta @krazyfrog Disney was actually llanning boats and trains spinoffs if planes was successfull.

502 days ago.

sparkee088 Just saw a commercial for Disney's Planes and one of the characters said "I'm more than just a crop duster" and I lost it.

503 days ago.

Visceral_Sushi @FoodNetwork Was Disney's Planes really a hit movie?

503 days ago.

MetalKingJack Just saw a commercial for that Disney movie Planes and More Human than Human was playing in the background. SMH

503 days ago.

AshBG @LMC502 @DisneyPictures Thank you!! I loved the PLANES signage and displays all over Disney Toon Studios :) #DisneyPlanesBloggers

503 days ago.

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