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Tweets About Vehicle 19

JACKALBACK I watched vehicle 19 with Paul walker in it from last year miss u bro street racing isn't the same. Anymore

449 days ago.

_ElWhiteboy Vehicle 19 was a good movie

450 days ago.

MasonBaker77 Flipping through channels and see Paul Walker on tv.. Vehicle 19.. Good ass movie

450 days ago.

Catie_bear_1 @salczynskij @Sendt2Me yeah iv been wanting to watch hours after id seen the trailer just haven't had the chance and witch one Vehicle 19

450 days ago.

Catie_bear_1 @salczynskij @Sendt2Me Vehicle 19 is a great movie but Hours is the recent one haven't had my chance to watch it on my VOD yet

450 days ago.

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