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shittydeath @jagd_slarek i dunno. Could be coffee/coke/wd40. It was there for BLUE JASMINE, I'll see if it's still there tonight.

529 days ago.

therealobimoo not seen blue jasmine & cate blanchett is amazing, but could she be better than sandy b? sure i just saw @TheAcademy winner @GravityMovieUK

529 days ago.

teamzizzou GRAVITY Not a Sandra Bullock fan but she was fantastic and much preferred her to Blanchett in Blue Jasmine.,but Blanchett will win Awards

530 days ago.

DickSocrates @meowy24 It was at the Barbican seeing Blue Jasmine, which I would guess meant the audience was snobbier than normal. I know I am. :p

530 days ago.

beccacaddy I saw Blue Jasmine last night & I still have no idea what I think of it...

530 days ago.

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