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Tweets About Family Weekend

ShaunaPigott Mam "reminded" us about our family weekend to Donegal.. I wasn't aware of this trip and asked when it was. She replied "oh your not going"

449 days ago.

proctor_sam Just been in a class with someone who was wearing a T-shirt for his 'Family Weekend 2011'. Must have been a wild one

449 days ago.

irenekwxl @soheewxl i was watching family weekend otl i want to sleep help

450 days ago.

meganisfunny @Bbalz133 I saw it over family weekend. It's life changing

450 days ago.

adamfleming6 Mum was trying to convince me to go on a family weekend away and is listing every thing they had - comes to pubs and a karaoke bar...

450 days ago.

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