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michelle_annexx in English, I was playing flappy bird & josh screwed me up from beating my high score & I shoved him into the white board & punched him #lol

455 days ago.

ForgetfulMelody @RudeandNice She changed into the white beater an then swinged open the door..."What was that .." Eyes him...~

455 days ago.

IntoTheWhite @Laloulabelle 94/95 was my gcse year . 11. Lower 6th 95/96 ... Good times

456 days ago.

Laloulabelle @IntoTheWhite 94/95 I was in year 10.

456 days ago.

TheloniousFilth @IntoTheWhite ahhhh, thought it was 13 eps for some reason!

456 days ago.

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