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83% positive
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shower_violence upstream color was tight. up next is primer.

451 days ago.

bookgirl_Kandi Was going to finally watch Upstream Color but my niece showed up & watching Lilo & Stitch is more pressing. In other news I'm a pushover.

451 days ago.

troyduguid Watching Upstream Color and Her in succession was a very bad idea. I literally cannot move I am just so overcome with inexplicable emotions.

452 days ago.

frankenseun So has anyone else watched the movie #UpstreamColor ? THOUGHTS PLS b4 my mind implodes?!?!?! WHAT a movie !!!

453 days ago.

Mentorless thought both movies showed a strong visual style, but was impressed by the jump in Upstream Color and how stylized it was

453 days ago.

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