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95% positive
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abby_harwood mud was a good movie yepp...

455 days ago.

Ayvette16AI #Mud was a superb film. Loved it! @McConaughey was perfect (& drop dead sexy) as usual:) <3

455 days ago.

JunkCultureInc To everyone that said #mud was a good movie you are a bunch of #gdf liars

455 days ago.

Luv4everAmber Just watched @Mud w/@MathewMaconaughey.. Good movie! I love that he's takin on some real gritty roles lately&is pulling it off im impressed!

455 days ago.

MGoJen I watched the movie "Mud" almost a week ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. I feel like I know the characters.

455 days ago.

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SXSW Interview SXSW Cast Interview A Mark Twain movie that Sam Peckinpah would direct? Watch our exclusive SXSW interview with director Jeff Nichols and Matthew McConaughey.